Nosework Classes

Nosework is a new dog sport in which your dog uses his nose to hunt for specific scents independent of their handlers. It’s a fun, ultra-portable, and inexpensive game that is open to all dogs and their handlers. Once you know the basics, it's easy to practice in your home, yard, or neighborhood - no travel is required.

Dogs begin by learning to search for food. Once they understand how to search, they are introduced to the three odors the sport uses: birch, anise, and clove. The dog is also taught how to indicate to his handler that he has found the scent. Then, the searches become increasingly challenging - odors may be hidden indoors, outdoors, above his head, under a vehicle, in luggage, or even near food!

Rebecca Cosloy KPA CTP teaches our Nosework classes as part of our Flex Class program.

Benefits of Nosework

Nosework provides low-impact exercise which is perfect for puppies, senior dogs, dogs recovering from injuries - all dogs!

It builds confidence and bravery in new and unfamiliar environments. It's a great socialization activity for puppies and shy dogs in particular.

This activity burns off energy - more than you might think! The mental stimulation that nosework provides leaves dogs feeling tired and satisfied.

Nosework builds a great bond between dogs and their owners. You'll have a great time learning this sport with your dog!

Get Started

Start by attending our Intro to Nosework group training class. You'll learn the basics of this fun sport, and your dog will get to use his nose to search for food or a favorite toy. You'll learn how to read your dog's body language and recognize when he's on the right track. This class requires a valid Flex Pass.