Sarah Power KPA CTP

Sarah is passionate about helping people. She joined the fire department as a volunteer firefighter in 1994, and has been a full-time 911 dispatcher since 2001. Growing up, Sarah’s family always had dogs, but it wasn't until she started clicker training in 2003 that dogs truly became part of the family. Sarah has also previously worked part time in a dog daycare and boarding kennel, and has served as a foster home for Dachshund rescue.

Sarah and her dogs are very accomplished dog sport competitors, enjoying Barn Hunt, conformation, Earth Dog, but most of all: agility! Her top dog Neptune earned his Canine Performance Events (CPE) CATCH-4, and was the first Longhaired Dachshund to earn a CPE CATE title in 2016, and is over half way to CATE2. He also holds multiple TDAA TACH titles (almost to #4 now) and a few minor AKC and USDAA titles. Neptune was high in Standard 8" Veteran at the 2015 CPE Nationals. He also attended 2016 CPE Nationals, and qualified for both 2017 and 2018. Sarah is also a judge for the Teacup Dog Agility Association (TDAA).

Despite a soft spot for short-legged dogs, Sarah enjoys training dogs of all sizes. She graduated from the Karen Pryor Academy Dog Trainer Professional program in 2010, then took KPA's Puppy Start Right program in 2015. She has over a decade of experience raising litters of puppies and recently began following the Puppy Culture protocol for early puppy development. She is also an experienced group dog training class instructor.