Our Complete Puppy Raising Program

Our goal at Crossbones is to help you raise your dogs to be an outstanding family pet. In their first year, your puppy will go through so many developmental stages, like the critical socialization period, teething, adolescence, puberty, and fear periods.

Along the way, they need to learn and maintain their manners, such as loose leash walking, greeting people politely, playing nicely with other dogs, coming when called, staying off the countertops, not picking up every little thing they see on walks… it’s a lot for a busy dog owner to stay on top of!

To set you up for success, we’re creating a new program for owners who want support not only through their puppy’s early months, but through the entire first year they’re home… and beyond! Let us guide you through puppyhood, helping you every step of the way.

If you haven’t done so already, please read our Puppy Day School FAQ for details on eligibility.

To start the process, pay for tuition below. You’ll receive details via e-mail to register for your Puppy Day School evaluation. Once you register, we’ll reach out to your veterinarian for health records.

If you’re a current Puppy Day School client, email us to discuss upgrading to the Complete Puppy Raising Program.

Complete Puppy Training Program

$6875plus tax
  • 16 weeks enrollment
  • Multiple training sessions each day
  • Lifetime access to Flex Class program
  • Two weekly 30-minute Puppy Teacher Conferences
  • Weekly socialization field trips
  • Weekly report cards
  • E-mail support between appointments
  • Eight monthly 30-minute Virtual Consultations after the program
  • New students: Free 60-minute evaluation ($125 value!)
  • New students: Free no-pull Freedom Harness & leash ($50 value)

We also have a payment plan available:
$2400 + tax
3 payments – one now, one in 30 days, one in 60 days