Group Class Roster & Calendars

Please note that our manners classes often fill 5-7 days in advance. We recommend signing up for all or most of your classes when you first purchase your pass.

Is class full? E-mail us to be added to the wait list for any class you are interested in that has already filled.

Core Manners

Remember to start by attending Orientation!

Come This Way

Does your dog seem to have “selective hearing” at the dog park? Do you have to chase your dog around to get her to come in from the yard every morning? This class is jam packed with games for teaching your dog to pay attention and come when called – the first time you call her.

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Settle & Stay Put

How many times do you have to say “sit,” “down,” or “stay” before your dog will listen to you? Learn how to get those behaviors the first time you ask. Your dog will learn to sit & down on just one cue, and to stay in those positions until you ask them to get up – even if they get distracted.