Group Class Roster & Calendars

Please note that our dog training classes often fill 5-7 days in advance. We recommend signing up for all or most of your classes when you first purchase your Flex Pass.

Is class full? E-mail us to be added to the wait list for any class you are interested in that has already filled.

Core Manners

Remember to start by attending Orientation!

Come This Way

Does your dog seem to have “selective hearing” at the dog park? Do you have to chase your dog around to get her to come in from the yard every morning? This class is jam packed with games for teaching your dog to pay attention and come when called – the first time you call her.

Settle & Stay Put

How many times do you have to say “sit,” “down,” or “stay” before your dog will listen to you? Learn how to get those behaviors the first time you ask. Your dog will learn to sit & down on just one cue, and to stay in those positions until you ask them to get up – even if they get distracted.

Polite in Public

Would you like to go for a walk without getting dragged by your dog? Would you enjoy taking your dog to outdoor seating at restaurants and cafes? We’ll help you teach your dog to walk politely on leash, rest by your side while you’re dining, and greet people politely without jumping up.


Does your dog ever: steal food off the table? Jump on guests? Snatch food off the sidewalk? Learn the crucial difference between “imposed control” (what most dog trainers teach) and “self control” – a dog who stops herself from jumping, stealing, or snatching the things she wants.

Advanced Manners

Distraction Action

In this class, you’ll learn how to use the things your dog finds distracting to make their manners training even stronger! Whether your dog is distracted by people, other dogs, critters, smells, toys, skateboards, or something else, we’ll teach you how to work through it in this class.

Prerequisite Classes: Each Core Manners classes twice

Power Walking

Take your dog’s loose leash walking to the next level in this class! You’ll learn how to better handle your dog around distractions, turn without getting tangled, and use fewer treats along the way.

Prerequisite Classes: 3 Polite in Public classes

Prerequisite Dog Skills: Dog can walk with a loose leash for at least 10′ in classroom setting without pulling or lunging.

Recall Mastery

Learn to combine the skills your dog learned in Self-Control, Settle & Stay Put, & Come This Way to create some seriously impressive recalls.

Prerequisite Classes: Each Core Manners class twice

Prerequisite Dog Skills: Food self-control on floor & in containers, stay while handler walks 10’+ away, name recognition, collar grabs, & takes multiple steps to hand target.

Equipment: 15-25’ long line

Linear Advanced Manners

In linear classes, classes take place on the same day and time for several consecutive weeks. You sign up for the entire series of classes. You can email us to use your Flex Pass credits for any of these classes, or you can pay for these classes separately.

Some dog training skills benefit from a structured curriculum where skills are advanced week by week. It’s more of a commitment from you, but you’ll enjoy the results you see!

CGC Prep
(6 weeks)

In this class, you’ll hone your dog’s skills for the AKC Canine Good Citizen test. Exercises include supervised separation, 20’ sit and down stays, loose leash walking with distractions, & more!

Prerequisite Classes: Each Core Manners class twice

Prerequisite Dog Skills: Sit & down on cue with 3+ seconds duration, loose leash walking, & name recognition.

$265 + tax, or 6 Flex Pass credits


Intro to Agility (Linear Class)

Your dog will learn the basics of the most popular dog sport in the country: agility! Exercises include going through tunnels, over jumps, across narrow planks, navigating wobbly objects, & warm-up tricks. Learning to motivate your dog with toys and food, and building up to off-leash control will also be discussed. This class is appropriate for puppies, as jumps are low & kept to a minimum.

This is a linear class, which means it takes place on the same day and time for 6 weeks. You sign up for all six weeks. You can pay for this class online, or email us to use your Flex Pass credits for it.

Prerequisite Classes: 6 Core Manners classes & at least 2 classes in the past 2 months

Performance Fundamentals

Your dog or puppy will learn foundation skills necessary for a variety of dog sports, including agility, obedience, and rally! Topics include toy drive & personal play, body awareness, heeling, retrieves, foot targeting, jumping, wraps, confidence on moving equipment, tunnels, waiting on a station, warm-up tricks, stretching, and conditioning.

Prerequisite Class: Intro to Agility 6-week class, or permission from Katherine.

Agility Skill Building: Contacts & Tables

In this class, your dog will learn a contact end position (such as 2-on 2-off or running) and correct performance of the A-frame, seesaw, dogwalk, and table.

Prerequisite Dog Skills: Completion of the Performance Fundamentals checklist

Agility Skill Building: Jumps & Weaves

In this class, your dog will learn correct jumping form and develop confidence and striding with all types of jumps (double, triple, tire, extended spread, broad jump) as well as how to weave.

Prerequisite Dog Skills: Completion of the Performance Fundamentals checklist

Agility Competition Prep

In this class, you will improve your handling on Masters level courses. Courses will be broken down into shorter sequences for less experienced teams.

Prerequisite Dog Skills: Dog’s performance on each obstacle must be fluent. Contact Katherine with any questions.