Behavior Consulting Programs

Get professional help

Are you worried about your dog’s unpredictable behavior?

We know it is hard to live with a dog who is acting this way. We’ll work with you to bring peace and clarity to your dog’s life.

Our experienced behavior consultant can help. Whether your dog is growling, snapping, attempting to bite, or is extremely anxious or fearful, our experienced behavior consultant can help. Our Behavior Consulting Programs are customized to address your dog’s specific needs depending on the severity of their behavior and your goals for them.

We can help you with…

  • Resource guarding

  • Lunging & barking on walks at dogs, people, cars, etc.

  • Aggression towards people or other dogs

  • Separation anxiety

  • Excessive barking & vocalization

  • Potty accidents indoors

  • Fear of people, places, & objects

What to expect

To set up a Behavior Consulting Program, you’ll start by having a free phone call with a front desk team member. We’ll make sure this program is the right fit for you, collect payment for the program, and schedule your appointments.

Your Behavior Consulting Program begins with a 90-minute initial consultation. Depending on your dog’s behavior and your trainer’s availability, this may take place in person at our facility or remotely via Zoom. In this appointment, your trainers will sit down with you and your family to discuss your dog. You’ll tell us about their behavior – when these problems started, how often they occur, what you’ve tried so far to fix it, etc. We’ll use this information to create a custom behavior modification plan for you and your dog. During the initial consultation, your trainer will give you management techniques to apply right away to keep everyone safe and homework exercises to start working on with your dog.

At the end of the initial consultation, you’ll pick up the included training equipment and schedule six 60-minute follow-up lessons with your trainer. These appointments are generally scheduled every 1-3 weeks, depending on how often your trainer thinks you should meet. In these appointments, your trainer will review your progress and answer any questions you have about your dog’s behavior. They will advise you on the next steps to take to further your dog’s progress.

If your dog is lunging and barking at other dogs, our Lunge & Barkers Anonymous Program combines everything in the Behavior Consulting Program with our popular Reactive Recovery class to accelerate your dog’s progress.

Ready to get started?

Behavior Consulting Program

$1295plus tax
  • 90-minute initial consultation
  • Six 60-minute private lessons
  • Training gear package

Lunge & Barkers Anonymous Program

$1495plus tax
  • 90-minute initial consultation
  • Six 60-minute private lessons
  • Training gear package
  • Reactive Recovery six-week group class

Need help? Contact us – we’re happy to advise you!