Flex Classes

Dog training classes. On your schedule.

Our Flex Class program offers group dog training classes 7 days a week. We make it easy for you to get started today!

Dog training 101

First things first: sign up for our Orientation: Dog Training 101 class. (This is the stuff your dog wishes you already knew!) You’ll learn about our dog-friendly training method, meet an instructor, and practice basic exercises before your dog comes to classes.

Sign up for Orientation

Learn the basics

Once you’ve decided our program is right for you, select a Flex Pass. Use it to sign up for the classes that fit your busy schedule. You’ll start by taking these four Core Manners classes in any order, and repeating them until you and your dog master those skills.

Come This Way

coming when called, quickly, the first time you ask!

Settle & Stay Put

sit, down, stays in both positions, & relaxing on a mat

Polite in Public

leash walks without pulling & greeting people politely


refraining from stealing food & jumping on people

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Advance your training

Want to go beyond the basics? We’ve got you covered. Your Flex Pass can be used for Advanced Manners and Dog Sport classes, too! Here are just a few of our advanced offerings. (Check out the Class Roster for more details.)