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Our Flex Class program provides effective & fun dog training on your schedule.

We have classes 7 days a week, and your Flex Pass gives you access to all of them.


Step one
Choose a pass

Do you just want to learn the basics, or are you committed to having an exceptionally well-trained dog?

We have three different passes for new students. Select the pass that best meets your goals for your dog.

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Step two
Register for Orientation

Think of our Orientation as “Dog Training 101.”

You’ll learn how we train dogs positively, what to bring to class, how to read your dog’s body language, and more! This class is offered every 4-7 days, so you can start training your dog ASAP.

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Step three
Enroll in classes

Get started with core manners classes.

Read our COVID-19 Flex Class Guidelines before registering for classes.

Once you’ve attended Orientation, take our 4 core manners classes in any order. They’re designed to be repeated until you & your dog have mastered those skills. Then, jump in to our advanced manners classes AND classes on fun activities like agility and trick training! They’re all included in your Flex Pass.

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What Our Students Say

“Class sizes are smaller than other places I have been, allowing for a less chaotic environment but still plenty of socialization and time for one on one guidance.”

Chelsie & Rhodie

“You will be successful, and you won’t be standing around bored because something is too easy for you.”

Meghan & Jenny

“Because the classes are kept super small, there’s always lots of helpful one-on-one time, with the opportunity to ask questions or get assistance with a particular exercise.”

Emi & Wilson

“The trainers help owners work on small, incremental training methods with your puppy to get big results. They make training approachable and fun!”

Katie & Zeke

Class Policies & FAQs

Your safety, and the safety of our team members, is our top priority. Please read our COVID-19 Flex Class Guidelines for details on what changes we’ve made and what policies are in place for classes.

Dogs participating in Flex Classes must be friendly or neutral toward unfamiliar dogs and people. If your dog lunges, barks, and/or growls at other dogs, check out our Reactive Recovery linear class – it is specifically designed for dogs that behave this way. If your dog shows aggression toward you or other people, contact us for a referral to a professional who can help you one-on-one.

Dogs who are disruptive during class will be managed with visual barriers or asked to leave, and there are no refunds if your dog’s behavior is inappropriate for class. If you are at all concerned about your dog’s suitability for group classes, please contact us before enrolling.

Your dog is limited to attending one class per day. If you have multiple dogs, you can attend back-to-back classes with one dog in each class.

Yes. All students, regardless of their background, must attend Orientation first – even professional dog trainers! Orientation covers ground rules for class, what to expect in each Flex Class, the basics of our system of dog training, and how to practice some of the most important exercises.

If you have previously attended our Reactive Recovery classes and are transitioning to Flex Classes, you do not need to attend Orientation – the content is covered in Week 1 of Reactive Recovery.

If you are in any other program – Puppy Day School, Intensive Training Programs, private lessons, etc. – you must attend Orientation before coming to any other classes.

Anyone handling a dog in class must attend an Orientation class first. Our classes are fast-paced and all handlers must be on the same page before joining us. If your friend, housemate, significant other, pet sitter, uncle’s cousin’s wife, etc. has attended Orientation with us, they may bring your dog to class.

We keep our class sizes small so you get plenty of one-on-one attention from your instructor. With the exception of Orientation, our Flex Classes are capped at 6 dogs per class. Some of our classes with more space requirements, such as Come This Way and Recall Mastery, only take 4-5 dogs per class.

Most classes take place in our training hall, which is over 3100 square feet – plenty of room for social distancing! When classes are scheduled to take place elsewhere in the facility, class sizes are further limited.

Yes. They must wear britches at all times during class.

Current clients are more than welcome to “audit” any class in our program without their dog. In fact, many owners report that they learn better and retain more information without their dog present!

Yes! AKC STAR Puppy testing is included free with our two larger Flex Class Passes (STAR Puppy & Canine Good Citizen). Your puppy is eligible to take the AKC STAR Puppy test after attending six manners classes with you. (Orientation & sports classes do not count toward this six class requirement.)

We offer AKC Canine Good Citizen testing approximately quarterly. Testing is included free in the Canine Good Citizen Flex Class Pass, but our tests are open to the general public. These tests are posted on our class calendar.

In order to keep our class sizes small, we limit the number of active class passes at any given time. Expiration dates will only be extended if your dog is sick or injured, and you provide a note from your veterinarian (on letterhead) with a specific range of dates that your dog is unable to attend classes.

We understand that life can get in the way of dog training sometimes, but to keep things fair for all of our students, this is the only circumstance under which we will extend an Class Pass expiration date.

All dogs participating in group classes must have an up-to-date distemper/parvo vaccination, or annual titers. All dogs over 16 weeks of age must also have an up-to-date rabies vaccination, per state law. We must have these on file before your dog enters the building. You may:

  • Scan & e-mail them to
  • Have your vet fax them to (401) 330-5892
  • Bring a paper copy of the vaccinations to Orientation for us to keep – we cannot return your copy.

Please note there are additional health requirements for dogs attending our other programs.

Don’t sweat it – we cover all of this during Orientation! If you forget something, we have items for sale in our retail store.

We have a 24-hour cancellation policy for our group classes. If you e-mail us at least 24 hours before the class, we can restore the credit to your account. Do not call us to cancel – we need written notice.

You can also cancel your class registration by clicking the button that says “Change/Cancel Appointment” at the bottom of the class auto-responder e-mail you receive when you register.

If you cancel with less than 24 hours notice, we will only issue a credit if we can fill your spot in class.

If you are unsure if our program is for you, you can pay to attend Orientation before purchasing a Flex Pass. At Orientation, you will meet a trainer, see our facility, and learn more about how we train dogs here at Crossbones. Beyond that, we require clients to commit to a Flex Pass. Creating behavior change takes a commitment to attend multiple classes, and our classes are not designed for single attendance.

Yes, absolutely! Children under the age of 12 must be supervised by an additional adult who is not handling the dog in class. Children ages 8 and older may participate in the training. Not all dogs attending our classes are used to children, so it is imperative that your children do not approach other dogs without the express permission of their owners.

2021 update: Due to COVID, we are only allowing 2 people per dog to attend each Flex Class. If you have a large family, or more than one child who needs to accompany you to training, we recommend private lessons so all family members may attend at the same time.

You may split the CGC Flex Class Pass (15 classes) between two dogs. Smaller passes cannot be split. We recommend that each dog attends at least 6 classes.

Your dogs may NOT attend the same class without prior approval from one of our instructors. Each dog needs their own handler – you cannot train two dogs in a class at the same time.

At this time, we do not offer therapy dog testing here at Crossbones. However, our classes can absolutely help prepare you for becoming a therapy dog team! Several of our students have gone on to become certified therapy dog teams. Our Canine Good Citizen Flex Class Pass is a great starting point. For a dog trained to the CGC level, the additional skills for therapy dog testing are generally easy to achieve.

No problem. You can visit our facility between 3-6:30PM Monday through Friday to pay in person for a Flex Pass. (Don’t forget to include RI pet services tax of 7%.) You may not register for any classes until we have received your payment.

Each of our classes is between 45-50 minutes long. In our experience, 60 minute classes are just too long for most dogs (and some people!), so we have reduced the class time to make sure you and your dog get the most out of your time spent here. This also leaves time for the instructor to answer basic, curriculum-related questions after class and clean/sanitize the space.

Our classes are popular, and many fill 5-7 days in advance. E-mail us to be added to the wait list for any class you are interested in. Students often cancel, and it is very common for students to be added to classes from the wait list!

We use wait list activity to determine when to add more classes to our schedule, and only consider extending Flex Pass expiration dates for clients who were on class wait lists and did not get in. 

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