Puppy Day School

It’s a comprehensive “private school” for your puppy! Your pup will spend each day learning manners from a team of experienced dog trainers, playing with age-appropriate friends, and gaining valuable socialization in a city environment.

You’ll have peace of mind knowing our experienced Academy staff is spending the day training your puppy, so you can work or run errands worry-free. Instead of coming home to chewed furniture or soiled carpets, you could enjoy each evening with a happy, well-behaved puppy who has less energy to devote to nipping, chewing, and other undesirable behavior.

What does Puppy Day School include?

Puppy Socialization

Our number one priority at the Academy is providing positive socialization experiences during your puppy’s formative weeks. Puppies play with each other, carefully selected adult dog “teachers,” and our Academy staff. All interactions are closely supervised to ensure your puppy learns to greet others nicely.

Each day includes…

  • Training sessions throughout the day

  • Scheduled meals fed in puzzle toys

  • Age-appropriate nap time

  • Lots of love!

This isn’t daycare

Dog daycare may be overwhelming to young puppies & can encourage undesirable habits, like pottying indoors.

At the Academy, we encourage calm, polite behaviors and prevent unwanted traits from developing. We also maintain a tighter puppy-to-staff ratio (10-to-1) than most daycares, and several professional dog trainers are on duty every day.

Puppy Day School Policies & FAQs

Puppy Day School program hours are 9AM to 3PM. Drop-off is between 7AM and 9AM and pick-up is between 3PM and 6:30PM.

Please view our Tuition & Enrollment page for the most up-to-date information.

Puppy Day School isn’t a daycare program, just like a Montessori school isn’t a daycare. Our program is staffed by professional dog trainers, and the primary focus is training, not playtime. Enrolling your puppy with us is an investment in your dog’s future behavior.

We also keep a very low dog-to-staff ratio. Industry standard for dog daycares is 15-25 dogs per 1 staff member. Our standard is no more than 10 dogs per staff member.

If you are ready to get started, you can pay for tuition. You will receive an e-mail with instructions for scheduling the included evaluation.

After booking your evaluation, send us your dog’s health records. For pups over 12 weeks of age, we need proof of vaccination against rabies, parvo, distemper, and bordetella (kennel cough). We also need proof of a negative fecal test result. (For pups under 12 weeks of age at the time of enrollment, rabies vaccination is optional.) You can scan and e-mail these records to us, or have your vet send them to us. Our fax number is 401-330-5892 or they may e-mail them to us as well. Click here for a printable “Health Requirements” PDF you can download and bring to your vet.

Once we have all of your puppy’s health records, one of us will reach out to you to reserve the next available start date for your puppy. We are generally booking start dates 2-3 weeks in advance. The best way to expedite this process is to bring your puppy to the veterinarian as soon as you bring them home, bring a stool sample to that appointment, and bring a printed copy of the health requirements to that appointment to make sure everything is taken care of. We do not hold start dates for puppies until all health requirements are met and on file with us.

When you come to your evaluation, bring your puppy and a list of goals for her behavior. Ask yourself and your family members: what do we want to be able to do with our dog when her training is complete? What behaviors do we need help with right away? Write it down (post-it notes are encouraged!) and we’ll chat about it all during the evaluation.

Yes. We no longer offer any “part time” enrollment options in Puppy Day School. When we first started this program in 2015, we did offer part-time (2-4x/week) enrollment, and found that the part-time puppies did not make as much progress as the full-time puppies. Our focus is on providing the best possible education for young puppies, and it’s not possible to do that with part-time attendance.

If you have a scheduled vet appointment, groomer appointment, or vacation, you can adjust your puppy’s schedule with at least a week’s notice, but this is meant for occasional absences.

Thanks to modern medicine, this well-meaning advice is outdated. The current recommendations of the American Veterinary Society of Animal Behavior are to begin puppy socialization as soon as possible, especially before twelve weeks of age. Puppies have a “critical socialization period” from six weeks to sixteen weeks, and it is crucial that training and socialization begins during this time. Click here to read the AVSAB position statement on puppy socialization.

Puppy Day School’s vaccination and health requirements exceed those set by AVSAB.

While your puppy’s vaccinations do not need to be “complete” to join Puppy Day School, they do need to meet certain health requirements for our program. We require that your puppy is up-to-date on their distemper/parvo series, has been vaccinated for kennel cough (bordetella), and has a negative fecal test sent to a lab by your veterinarian (not the rescue/breeder’s vet). Puppies over 4 months old also need to be vaccinated for rabies per RI state law. Click here for a printable Health Requirements sheet you can bring to your vet appointment.