Educational Daycare

Our daycare program is designed to maintain your dog's basic manners training while providing social time, mental stimulation, exercise, and enrichment for your dog on a regular basis - at least twice a week.

If you want a safe alternative to off-leash dog parks, something more comprehensive than a stroll around the block with a dog walker, and a daycare experience that promotes polite behavior, Educational Daycare is for you!

Do you want daytime care for your dog that challenges her mind, not just her body? Our Educational Daycare program in Providence, RI provides physical exercise, enrichment activities, socialization, and maintenance of your dog's manners training.

Educational Daycare students rotate indoor free play time, exploring a fenced-in outdoor space, crated nap time, and small group fetch or recalls in our training hall. We maintain a tight dog-to-staff ratio (10-to-1) and at least one professional dog trainer is on duty every day.

This program is just for dogs over 6 months of age. Puppies younger than that should get started in our Puppy Day School program!

Each day of Educational Daycare includes:

Our 8000 square foot facility was designed with your dog's comfort in mind. It includes two fenced-in indoor play areas with rolled rubber flooring to provide great traction for playtime. Our staff will select different enrichment activities for your dog to enjoy each day, including climbing on platforms, running through tunnels, chasing bubbles, and playing in a ball pit. A variety of toys are available for your dog to play with.

We have a securely fenced outdoor play area for your dog to enjoy with turf and gravel available for them to relieve themselves. In warm weather, we provide kiddie pools for your pup to splash in.

Overtired dogs get cranky and pick fights. Rotating through a crated nap time break means your dog can rest up to enjoy another round of play. We play quiet music and will provide a snack for your pup to help them settle.

Many of our clients have invested in our Puppy Day School or Intensive Training Programs. Throughout the day, our staff will maintain your dog's good manners by requiring them to wait at doors and gates, sit or hand target for toys and treats, come when called, and sit or down in a group.

If your dog is on his best behavior, he'll enjoy playing fetch or practicing speedy recalls in our 80' long training hall. This privilege is only for pups who promise not to have potty accidents or argue with their pals!

Enroll Your Dog Today

Enrollment in Educational Daycare starts with an evaluation. After reviewing our FAQ online, you can schedule an evaluation online. Still have questions? Contact us - we'd love to talk to you about your dog!