Reactive Dog Classes

Our reactive dog training class, Reactive Recovery, is designed specifically for dogs who lunge and bark/growl/vocalize at other dogs while out on walks. These dogs are not suitable for our flex-attendance group classes, so we run a separate class just for them.

Charles Wohr teaches our Reactive Recovery group training classes. Unlike our other classes, Reactive Recovery is a linear class - meaning you attend for six consecutive weeks. The first class is an orientation class just for dog owners; dogs attend weeks 2-6. Click here to view the class schedule. 

Benefits of Reactive Recovery Class

In Reactive Recovery class, your dog will learn exactly what to do when she sees another dog.

Along the way, your dog will learn to look forward to other dogs approaching, because good things happen when they do. This class will change your dog's mind about strange dogs.

You will learn strategies for keeping your dog safe and preventing the behavior from getting worse.

While not a focus of the class, Reactive Recovery also enhances your dog's basic manners training, including walking politely on leash and coming when called.

Get Started

Our Reactive Recovery group training class is limited to just 4 dogs per session and nearly always fills, so we recommend enrolling as soon as possible. This 6-week class is $245+tax.

In the meantime, we highly recommend the book Click to Calm by Emma Parsons. Our curriculum is based off of this book, and our students find this book to be a useful "manual" for training their dogs. We have copies available for sale in our retail store.

Reactive Recovery is only appropriate for dogs who are lunging and barking/vocalizing at other dogs while out on walks or from the windows of your home. If you are experiencing any other aggression-related behaviors, like lunging at people, biting, fighting with other dogs in the home, etc. please contact us for a referral.

"When my JRT became (seriously) aggressive toward other dogs I was shocked, overwhelmed, insecure and heart broken. I had never dealt with this behavior and had concerns and nightmares that I would not be able to handle her, and would eventually have to give her up to a person better equipped to deal with this behavior issue...

Zel and I completed classes today and the results have been astounding. I found the class settings to be professional, comfortable, easy to maneuver, safe and judgement free. In my opinion all of these components are CRITICAL for a successful result and Sheryl and the Academy delivered 100 fold."

--Jackie T. & "Zelda"