Reactive Recovery

Restore peace to walks

Does your dog lunge & bark at other dogs on walks?

Reactive Recovery is a group training class designed specifically for dogs who lunge and bark, growl, or vocalize at other dogs while on walks. These dogs aren’t suitable for our Flex Class program, so we run this class just for them.

Class topics include:

  • Exactly what to do when your dog sees another dog

  • Changing your dog’s emotions about seeing other dogs

  • Strategies for preventing the behavior from getting worse

  • Handling & safety in emergencies

  • Walking politely on leash without pulling

  • Training equipment & reference materials

What to expect

Unlike our other classes, Reactive Recovery is a linear class. This means you commit to attending on the same day of the week, at the same time, for six consecutive weeks. (Occasionally, there may be a week off due to a holiday or instructor illness.) The first class is an orientation class just for dog owners; dogs attend weeks 2-6.

The owners-only class in Week 1 covers the skills you need to learn to effectively train your dog. Your instructor will explain our positive training methods and guide you through exercises so you know what to do with your dog. They’ll also demonstrate the equipment we recommend for class, and help you create a management plan to immediately stop your dog’s behavior from getting any worse and keep them safe.

In Weeks 2-6, you will teach your dog exactly what to do when they see another dog. Along the way, your dog will learn to look forward to other dogs approaching, because good things happen when they do. This class will change your dog’s mind about strange dogs.

While it’s not the focus of the class, the exercises in Reactive Recovery enhance your dog’s basic manners training, including walking politely on leash and coming when called. Your dog will be more responsive to you, and you’ll be able to more clearly communicate with each other.

This class is NOT for…

  • Dogs who lunge or bark at people

  • Dogs who fight with dogs they live with

  • Dogs who fight at the dog park

  • Dogs with intense fear or anxiety

If you’re struggling with these issues, please see our Behavior Consulting Program.

Ready to get started?

 Reactive Recovery is limited to just six dogs in each class. You’ll get plenty of one-on-one guidance from your instructor. But, this means class fills quickly! Click here to view the upcoming class schedule.

Reactive Recovery

$325plus tax
  • 6 week group class

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