Intensive Training Programs

Not a boot camp

Let us help you enjoy your dog.

You don’t need to send your dog off to “boot camp” to get professional results. Drop your dog off during the work day Monday through Thursday. We’ll train them during the day and you continue to enjoy their company in the evening and on weekends.

In an Intensive Training Program, your dog will be trained during the week by a member of our training staff, and then you will receive regular coaching to maintain that training. Each program includes weekly private lessons with your dog’s trainer and access to our Flex Class program for you to practice around distractions.

We have three different Intensive Training Programs depending on your goals for your dog. Each program addresses different behaviors – complex skills cannot be covered in shorter programs.

These program are just for dogs over 6 months old. If you have a puppy, check out our puppy training solutions!


Three weeks
Household Hound Program

Is your dog’s lack of manners getting in the way of your day-to-day activities?

Is your dog a nuisance when guests come to your home?

This program will teach your dog basic manners around your home, such as: sit, down, greeting guests without jumping, self-control around food and toys, and stay on a mat.

This program will teach your dog to “sit” and “down” when asked, greet people while keeping all four paws on the floor, and show restraint around food on countertops and coffee tables. Rather than “helping” you in the kitchen, your dog will lie quietly on a mat while you prepare & eat your meals.

Behaviors taught:

  • “Sit” on cue

  • “Down” on cue

  • Polite greetings (no jumping up)

  • Self-control around food