Puppy Jumpstart

Private puppy training

The earlier you begin training your puppy, the easier it will be.

Let us help you maximize your puppy’s potential with a Puppy Jumpstart program. We will teach you how to help your puppy grow into a great companion for you.

At each appointment, your trainer will guide you through fixing common, yet frustrating, puppy behaviors like nipping, jumping up, having accidents in the house, chewing furniture, and vocalizing in the crate. We’ll coach you to be consistent, so you can resolve these issues quickly and set the stage for a lifetime of enjoying your new dog!

This program is just for puppies under 6 months old. If you have an older puppy, check out our other training solutions!

Coaching topics include…

  • Nipping & chewing

  • Potty training/housebreaking, indoors & outdoors

  • Crate training, including vocalizing in the crate

  • Jumping up on people & counters

  • Walking politely on leash without pulling

  • Sit, down, & stay

  • Coming when called

  • Finding appropriate socialization opportunities

  • Training equipment & reference materials

What to expect

Puppy Jumpstart begins with a 90-minute initial consultation. In this appointment, one of our expert trainers will sit down with you and your family to discuss your puppy. You’ll tell us your long-term goals as well as the current problems you’re experiencing. We’ll explain and demonstrate techniques to fix the problems you’re having and prevent future behavior problems.

At the end of the initial consultation, you’ll schedule two 60-minute follow-up lessons with your trainer. These appointments are generally one week and three weeks later. In these appointments, your trainer will review your progress and answer any new questions you have about your puppy’s behavior. We’ll then show you new activities and training exercises to start with your puppy to improve their manners.

If you select the Bonus version of Puppy Jumpstart, you’ll also attend Flex Classes with your puppy to accelerate their training progress. We hold classes seven days a week, giving you lots of opportunities to fit training in alongside your busy schedule.

Ready to get started?