Puppy Student Portal

We’re excited to have your puppy in the program!

At the conclusion of your appointment, you received a paper copy of our Welcome to Day School handout. Please take a few moments and read it – it covers a lot of questions about the program! Please share this document with anyone who is picking up or dropping off your puppy at school so they are also familiar with our policies.

COVID-19 Update: You MUST text us upon arrival so a staff member can come out to get your puppy. Even if you think a staff member already saw you in the parking lot, please text anyway, then give your puppy an opportunity to go potty here at our facility (even if they eliminated at home). This keeps morning drop-off moving smoothly.

We have two options if you would like to renew your puppy for another 4 weeks of Puppy Day School: a full renewal or a basic renewal.

Full renewals include Flex Class access, weekly Puppy Teacher Conferences with one of our staff members, and weekly report cards for $1575 + tax. Click here to purchase a FULL renewal.

Basic renewals do not include any continuing education or follow-up. We will continue maintaining your puppy’s training. $1455 + tax. Click here to purchase a BASIC renewal.

If you know you’d like to keep your puppy in our program long-term, we offer a subscription option so you will be automatically billed for a renewal once a month. You can cancel this subscription at any time. You can set that up online: full renewal subscription or basic renewal subscription.

Our “Three Strikes” policy applies to all appointments available to you as a Puppy Day School student: Flex Classes & Puppy Teacher Conferences. This applies to in-person and remote appointments.

When you miss, come late to, or last-minute cancel (less than 24 hours notice) your first appointment, that’s strike one.
When you do this to a second appointment, that’s strike two.
If you do it a third time, all future appointments will be cancelled and you will not be able to sign up for anything else during your puppy’s current Puppy Day School program. When you renew, your strikes reset back to zero.

If you are more than 5 minutes late to a group class or playgroup, or 10 minutes late to a private appointment such as a Puppy Teacher Conference, your appointment will be considered a “last minute cancellation” and you will not be able to participate. This will count as a strike. You will be turned away at the lobby.

If half or more of the class students are late, at the instructor’s discretion, the class may start up to 5-10 minutes late. But if class started on time and you are more than 5 minutes late, you will be turned away and this will count as a strike.

Puppy Teacher Conferences are 30-minute one-on-one appointments with a member of our training staff. Students in their first 4-week program or on full renewals may book one PTC per week. These appointments are “use it or lose it” – you cannot save these appointments to book later.

You may schedule a Remote Puppy Teacher Conference (held via Zoom video conferencing) or an in-person Puppy Teacher Conference.

If you prefer, you may book a PTC as a phone call. To do so, please e-mail us at woof@crossbonesdog.com.

On weekdays, your puppy can either attend a class OR a Puppy Teacher Conference. Attending Puppy Day School, coming to a group class, AND doing a PTC appointment is just too much in one day. If you accidentally schedule both, we will cancel your class enrollment that day.

If you’re booking a Remote Puppy Teacher Conference, consider scheduling it to take place while your dog is here at the facility, and you are home or at work. This isn’t intuitive, but it allows your instructor to demonstrate exercises with your dog while you watch. The students who have done remote PTCs this way are very pleased with the information they’re getting. As a result, we’re opening up mid-day appointment options for those of you who have flexibility in your work hours. If you prefer, you can still pick your puppy up before your Remote PTC or book an in-person PTC instead.

Puppy Day School clients in their first 4 weeks or on full renewals have access to our Flex Class program. Dogs may attend one class per day and must meet eligibility requirements in order to register (some classes have prerequisites.) We recommend attending approximately 3 classes per week. It is important that you have time to practice with your puppy outside of group classes, too!

You must register in advance for Flex Classes! Currently, most classes are filling 1-2 weeks in advance. We recommend signing up for classes immediately after your evaluation is complete. If a class you are interested in is full, e-mail us to be added to the wait list.

Please only register for classes and appointments you intend to attend. Please review the “Three Strikes” policy for missed, late, and no-show appointments prior to booking.

Your access to Flex Classes ends on the last day of your puppy’s Puppy Day School program. If you would like to schedule classes beyond that date, you must purchase a Flex Pass or renew your puppy in Puppy Day School. If you’re not sure what day is the last day of your pup’s program, just e-mail us and ask!

Click here for details on our Flex Class program. The first class you need to attend is Orientation.

We have a Dropbox folder full of resources for you to follow along with as you train your puppy. Be sure to read “What is my puppy learning at Day School?” first, as that answers the majority of the questions we get about our curriculum.

Click here to open the Dropbox folder of handouts.

Puppy Day School students can transfer to Educational Daycare when one of the following criteria has been met:

The puppy is over 6 months old, or

The puppy has attended at least 2 consecutive sessions of Puppy Day School and is going to attend Educational Daycare 4x or 5x per week until turning 6 months old.

How is Educational Daycare different from Puppy Day School?

There is a significant difference in the two programs.

Your puppy will not receive dedicated training sessions in Educational Daycare unless you purchase them as add-on events. Our staff will reinforce your dog’s existing manners training while interacting with your puppy – for example, only opening gates or doors when they are sitting or have four paws on the floor, only letting them out of the crate when they are calm, throwing fetch toys or giving them treats for sitting instead of jumping.

We do not feed dogs attending Educational Daycare. You will give your dog breakfast in the morning before bringing them to the Academy.

There are no other perks included in Educational Daycare. Report cards and weekly Puppy Teacher Conferences are unique to the Puppy Day School program and cannot be purchased elsewhere. Flex Classes are not included and you will have to purchase a Flex Class Pass if you’d like to continue attending classes with your puppy, which we highly recommend to help ease the transition between Puppy Day School and Educational Daycare.

In Puppy Day School, your pup’s nails are trimmed weekly as part of the program curriculum. If you would like your dog’s nails trimmed, you can purchase that as an add-on for Educational Daycare.

Educational Daycare is meant to maintain your dog’s current level of training, while most standard daycares do not place any importance on making sure dogs don’t jump up, don’t bark, rest quietly in their crates, etc. If you feel your dog needs more work, keep them in Puppy Day School or purchase training session add-ons for them to enjoy during Educational Daycare visits.

If you have any questions about making the transition, please don’t hesitate to reach out!