About the Author: Katherine Ostiguy

Well, hi there!

Katherine Ostiguy KPA CTP | Providence RI Dog TrainerI’m Katherine Ostiguy, and my company is Spring Forth Dog Academy, located in Providence, RI’s historic Jewelry District. This is a bit of a leap from our roots in the suburbs of Boston, but I’ve been training dogs in Providence for over a year now. It didn’t take me long to fall in love with the city.

More about me

I have been training dogs professionally since 2007, but started out by training our family pet, Tessie, to do just about everything under the sun: agility, obedience, rally, weight pull, therapy dog work… She led me down this path of teaching dogs and humans to co-exist. Tessie is the freckle-faced dog featured in my business logo.

I’m proud to be a Karen Pryor Academy Certified Training Partner. That’s a certification program for dog trainers which has annual continuing education requirements and quality standards. (That’s where the “KPA CTP” after my name comes from.) I have also earned my TAGteach Primary Certification. TAGteach is a communication method that focuses on clarity and simplicity in teaching. Since I spend many hours each week coaching dog owners, it often comes in handy!

When I’m not working with dog owners, I’m an avid dog sport competitor. I travel across the country to compete in events like dog agility and conformation shows with my beloved dogs. (You’ll hear lots about them here, don’t you worry!) I’m a proud breeder and exhibitor of AKC/UKC dual-registered Shetland Sheepdogs – my kennel name is Incendio. The pup in my picture here is Match, from my first litter.

Why I’m writing

I’m blogging because I want to share what I’ve learned about dogs […]