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Location and arousal-dependent marker cues are becoming “a thing!” Learn why and how from one of the first trainers to use them in sport. We’ll practice them on each other first, then teach your dogs the difference between at least two different marker cues and explore the possibilities for improving your communication, along with the why.

Have a dog that you want to use tugging or chase to reinforce behaviors? Have a dog that loves to chase but doesn’t love to bring the toy back? Have a dog with excellent toy skills but when you ask for obedience or agility skills, it all deteriorates? This seminar covers how to harness those prey instincts into reinforcement that you can use in training.

These skills are part of an excellent foundation for all dog sports.

Saturday, July 15th & Sunday, July 16th

Working Spot: Teams will be chosen through an application process to ensure we have an interesting variety of dogs for auditors. Working attendees must have taken online courses with Shade and/or worked with her in person in the past. Working spots are $400 + tax. Click here to apply.
Auditing Spot: $175 + tax. Click here to register. 

About the Instructor: Shade Whitesel

Shade Whitesel has been training and competing in dog sports since she was a kid. Always curious in how dogs learn, she teaches people how to get along with their dogs in all behavior things, as well as competing in the sports of IGP and AKC Obedience.

Though Shade is owned by highly motivated working line German Shepherds and is known currently for her toy skills and marker cues classes (online through Fenzi Dog Sports Academy and in physical seminars), she especially enjoys teaching foundation skills to all manner of dogs and their people. Good training and learning starts at the beginning with clear reinforcement and motivation for both parties.

Sports wise; Shade enjoys IGP (Schutzhund) and AKC obedience. Her current dog Talic, recently entered the AKC scene and scored 3 straight High in Trials earning his CD. He should be ready for the Open level this spring.

Access to Shade can be found at her website and she is on Instagram and Facebook. She currently has a Patreon page “Eye on Ion” that details out how to raise a young sport puppy.

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