About Our Dog Agility Program

Dog agility is the most popular dog sport in the United States. It’s a timed event where dogs run, jump, climb, and weave through a variety of obstacles in a set order. Each course is different, so the challenges never end!

Crossbones has agility classes for all dogs, from total beginner through experienced competitor, taught by Katherine Ostiguy, a USDAA Regional Champion with 15 years experience in the sport. Whether you’re brand new to the sport or have competed for years, we have a class for you!

Katherine & Strata at the Westminster Kennel Club Masters Agility Championship in 2015, placing 8th cumulatively in the 16″ class.

Katherine & Spark at the Cynosport World Games in 2018, winning the 16″ Grand Prix quarterfinals.

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Are you brand new to agility? Intro to Agility is a 6 week class just for you! Click here to see upcoming Intro to Agility classes.

Have you done agility before? Purchase a Flex Class Pass to register for our more advanced agility classes. Select a class based on your dog’s experience level, and sign up by clicking the links below. View our class calendar online to see when each class is offered.

Private lessons are available with Katherine. This is a great option if the classes don’t fit into your schedule, you have a reactive dog, or you have taken classes elsewhere and aren’t sure where you fit into our programs.

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Agility Classes

Intro to Agility

Your dog will learn the basics of the most popular dog sport in the country: agility! Exercises include going through tunnels, over jumps, across narrow planks, navigating wobbly objects, & warm-up tricks. Learning to motivate your dog with toys and food, and building up to off-leash control will also be discussed. This class is appropriate for puppies, as jumps are low & kept to a minimum.

Prerequisite Classes: 6 Core Manners classes & at least 2 classes in the past 2 months

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Performance Fundamentals

Your dog or puppy will learn foundation skills necessary for a variety of dog sports, including agility, obedience, and rally! Topics include toy drive & personal play, body awareness, heeling, retrieves, foot targeting, jumping, wraps, confidence on moving equipment, tunnels, waiting on a station, warm-up tricks, stretching, and conditioning.

Prerequisite Class: Intro to Agility 6-week class, or permission from Katherine.

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Agility Competition Prep

In this class, you will improve your handling on Masters level courses. Courses will be broken down into shorter sequences for less experienced teams.

Prerequisite Dog Skills: Dog’s performance on each obstacle must be fluent. Contact Katherine with any questions.

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Agility Skill Building: Contacts & Tables

In this class, your dog will learn a contact end position (such as 2-on 2-off or running) and correct performance of the A-frame, seesaw, dogwalk, and table.

Prerequisite Dog Skills: Completion of the Performance Fundamentals checklist

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Agility Skill Building: Jumps & Weaves

In this class, your dog will learn correct jumping form and develop confidence and striding with all types of jumps (double, triple, tire, extended spread, broad jump) as well as how to weave.

Prerequisite Dog Skills: Completion of the Performance Fundamentals checklist

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